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Saturday, July 02, 2022
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Welcome to Adopt Florida Home Studies' web page. What a blessing it is to be celebrating over 18 years of providing fast, affordable and professional Adoption Home Studies. This is also the 16th anniversary of this web site. The recent count is 51,000+ visits to our site. Our God is a mighty God and I give him the praise and glory for this and I hope the web site has been an inspiration to all who have viewed the site.

It has been over 20 years that I have conducted foster and adoption home studies. My humble beginnings into the world of home studies was when I was asked to open a Therapeutic Foster Care Agency for the local community mental health care agency where I was employed. The foster care program was named PATH.
That was 1998, and since that time I have opened a Therapeutic Foster Care Agency in Orlando, a Girls Therapeutic Group Home in Crestview, a Christian Counseling Agency - DeFuniak Springs Counseling Center and Adopt Florida Home Studies.
Since 2008 I have conducted over 500 foster and adoption home studies with families living from Miami to Pensacola, Florida and all in-between. A bonus has been to conduct home studies for foreign adoptions from Russia, Siberia, China, India, Africa, S. America, and the Ukraine. Most of these adoptions required up to three years post placement supervision, so I have made many enduring relationships with families across Florida.
When you begin the home study process, you enter into a very intimate relationship with someone you do not really know. You will be asked to reveal everything there is to know about you, your family and your family of origin. This requires Trust - Trust to know the person you are providing your most personal and private information to is a professional who will, one, handle your information with the utmost confidentiality and, two, your written and electronic data is protected by the most secure methods and stored with the highest security.
In addition, you must know that the home study provider and agency is of high moral character and has the knowledge and experience to perform such an important task of conducting the Adoption Home Study and has the education, credentials and training to be probing into your life and viewing the critical documents you are asked to provide. Of course, cost and the time to complete of the report are very important questions too.
When you contract Adopt Florida Home Studies you can be confident you are hiring an Agency that has a proven track record of professionalism, integrity, success, trustworthiness, confidential and secure handling of critical and personal documents and all Adopt Florida Home Studies Associates have the education, credentials, and training you should expect when contracting an agency to complete your Adoption Home Study.
I am confident that after 20+ years completing foster and adoption home studies in the public and private sectors, 500 home studys, hundreds of birth parent interviews, thousands of hours of supervised training and 26 years in clinical practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, there is only a hand full of private home study providers that have the Credentials and Experience that can match Adopt Florida Home Studies and our Associates.
You need go no farther than calling 850.496.5043 to receive Professional, Fast and Affordable home study services.
Call me, Jon Kinsey, Owner or Leina Lunghi, Home Study Counselor, with questions and to get the home study process started.
We pray blessings upon you and your future child and for your adoption journey.
Adopt Florida Home Studies provides Home Studies for independent adoptions (attorney), relative adoptions and for court ordered custody evaluations. We also conduct birth mother, birth father and legal father interviews. We work throughout the State of Florida; NO HOME IS TO FAR.

Adopt Florida Home Studies is an independent Home Study provider. We hope to provide your family with professionalism, expertise and the best possible adoption experience, at a reasonable cost. Please follow the link to
About Us to find out more about our professional counselors.
 Jon Kinsey, MS LMHC
Jon Kinsey, M.S., L.M.H.C.
Executive Director


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