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Links to Adoption Information

Following are many valuable links to resources you will want to investigate. There is something for everyone.

Adoption Tax Credit:

Adoption Federal Tax Credits

Effective January, 2002  there is a $10,000 per child credit that you can receive for adoption expenses. You should get Publication 968 – Tax Benefits for Adoption, which can also be downloaded  online: Consult a legal or tax professional for more details.


States Tax Credits

To find out about your state tax credits, try the web using the address: Contact your state Division of Family Services and State Tax Office to ask about your state’s tax credits for adoption or to find out if you qualify for any special state subsidy programs. 


More Information About Loans and Tax Credit & Much More

Visit and link to "Adopting."

Corporate Matching Gifts

There are many corporations that have adoption assistance programs (AAPs). Check with your employer’s human resource department to see if they have an AAP or other adoption assistance benefits. Also visit,  or


Military, Nonrecurring Program

There is a one-time subsidy program available for full-time military personnel. Currently, adoption couples or singles can receive up to $2000 per child or $5000 maximum for siblings. Visit

Nonrecurring Federal Adoption Program

A one-time federal adoption program, administered by the states, and includes foreign-born children adopted by U.S. Citizens.  Reimbursement for non-recurring adoption expenses (agency fees, legal costs, and transportation) is available through each State for families who adopt children with special needs (children from minority cultures) up to $2,000. The benefit differs by State.
Reimbursement for Non-Recurring Expenses

Dependency Exemption - Tax Savings


For more information visit:



Loans and Financiang Options:


Refinance your house/Home equity loan



If you own your home you may be eligible for a home equity loan, or you may be able to refinance your mortgage. Also, most banks offer a home equity line-of-credit. Ask your bank for details.  Rates are usually low and interest tax exempt. 



Borrow from your 401-k



Many 401-k plans now offer loans from your retirement savings. This is usually a very-low interest rate. Talk to your employer to see if this is an option for you.


Other Sources for Adoption Loans or Grants:


For Excellent Overall Information:


How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option


"How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option" is for people who would like to consider adoption but are reluctant because they believe that the process is too expensive. It is also for families who, caught up in the emotions of adopting, may not have given serious thought to some of the less obvious financial aspects of adoption.




National Adoption Foundation Loan Program

The mission of the National Adoption Foundation is to encourage pre-adoptive parents and children to come together, grow, and flourish.  The National Adoption Foundation provides financial support, information, and services for adoptive and prospective adoptive families in order to assist cards and deposit products to aid families with the expenses associated with adopting and raising children.  These programs are made available with help from MBNA America®  Bank, N.A.  For more information, call (888) 627-8767.




Obtaining Vital Records:


Adoption requires the prospective adoptive parents to assemble a variety of documents. These include certified birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees among others. These can be obtained from the State Vital Records agency and authenticated by the Secretary of State of that State. 

Capitol Building
Department of State
Certification Section
Room 1801
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250


Phone No.: (850) 413-9736


A service called "VitalChek" can obtain your Vital Records for you. They are a bit expensive, but many families have used them with no problem. Their number is: 1-800-255-2414 and their web page address is: Most of the time, they will only get the Vital Record, not the State Seal No matter where you order your Vital Record from, be sure to ask for a "certified original" or "certified copy" of your Vital Records. If adopting internationally, when sending your request to the Vital Records Office, always mention that you are adopting internationally on your request. Some states have different forms for international adoption.




Please call to verify the above information first, before you send your money.



Recommended Adoption Attourneys and Agencies:

Adoption Center

ABC Adoptions

Robinson "Rob" Harrell, Esq.
Alice Murry, Esq.

3 Clifford Drive
Shalimar, FL 32479

Affordable Domestic and International Adoptions

Mission goal: to place children with committed Christian Families

to raise future Christian leaders!

Lori Re, Esq.

Attourney at Law
2105 Park Ave.

Suite 15

Orange Park, FL 32073

Childrens Hope International: Florida
9838 Bennington Chase Drive

Orlando, FL 32829

Adoption General:

International Concerns for Children
ICC, incorporated in 1979 as a charitable and educational organization, has volunteers who work to: 1. acquaint the concerned public with various ways to provide assistance to homeless children 2. educate those interested personally and professionally about procedures 3. inform prospective parents of the availability of "waiting children" in foreign countries and the United States.


National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
A comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption, including infant, inter-country, and special needs adoption. Established in 1987, NAIC is a service of the Administration for Children, Youth and Families, Department of Health and Human Services.


North American Council on Adoptable Children [NACAC]
For over 20 years, NACAC has advocated on behalf of children -- particularly special needs children -- who need permanent, continuous, nurturing, and culturally sensitive families.





Adoption Publications:

Adoptive Families of America 
AFA provides problem-solving assistance and information about the challenges of adoption to members of adoptive and prospective adoptive families. AFA seeks to create opportunities for successful adoptive placement and promotes the health and welfare of children without permanent families.


Roots and Wings Magazine 
Roots & Wings is a quarterly magazine designed for everyone who has been "touched by adoption."


Chosen Child International Adoption Magazine 
This is a magazine, born in the experience of another culture and nurtured in the love for the children of the world who wait to become "family".


Adopting The International Child With Special Needs
A Practical Guide By Teri Bell



International Adoptions:


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) formerly the Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS) You can call the USCIS office, 1-800-375-5283 or down load the appropriate forms from the USCIS Internet web site:


Adopting The International Child With Special Needs
A Practical Guide By Teri Bell