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Saturday, July 02, 2022
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Steps to International Adoption


The following is a basic outline of the steps to take for an international adoption (i.e. China, Russia, etc). Your International Adoption Agency will provide you with specific step-by-step instructions.


Please Note: Home study requirements for foreign adoptions have dramatically changed since 2014 making it possible for very few independent providers to provide a home study that is now required to be "Hague Convention" approved. No matter whether the country requires Hague Convention approval, ALL home studies must be completed by a Hague Convention approved provider.


Adopt Florida Home Studies is not a Hague Convention approved provider.


Word if caution: for time, energy and money sake, please do not attempt to negotiate this process without the advice and guidance of an agency experienced with foreign adoptions.  



  1. Identify an Adoption Agency that specializes in International Adoptions, especially the country of origin you are considering. Things to look for in an Adoption Agency (Licensed Non-profit Child Placing Agency) are:


o        Timely response.

o        Professional and complete answers to questions.

o        Clear paperwork.

o        Experience with the Country of Origin you are considering.

o        A personal connection

o        Fees. These vary dramatically. No matter if you pay $15,000 or $30,000, you still adopt a child!

  1.  Request and complete your Agencies paper work and submit the application fee “to get the ball rolling.” Most delays are on the prospective parents part, not the agency.
  2.  Obtain INS forms, now called United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You can call the USCIS office, 1-800-375-5283 or down load the appropriate forms from the USCIS Internet web site:  Once approved by your Agency (and Home Study Provider) forward completed form I-600A Application for Advance Processing of Orphan with the fee plus Finger Printing fee (Immigration regulations require that prospective adoptive parents and all additional adult (17 years of age or older) members of the prospetive adoptive parents’ household to provide fingerprints to USCIS for completion of FBI background checks. Submit designated fee for each prospective adoptive parent and for each adult member 17 years of age or older of the household in addition to the orphan petition or advance processing application-filing fee.
  3.  At this time you will probably be asked to submit your agency fee.

  4. Included in your initial paper work from your identified Adoption Agency you will have received a checklist of paperwork and documents you will need to compile for you dossier. Begin the paper chase, this takes time. Many forms required by our agency will be in your Home Study.

  5. Obtain a passport. Instructions can be found at the US Post Office or go to for more information.

  6. Read, Read, Read… about adoptions. About the country of interest, customs, language, food, dress, etc. Be an expert about you new Childs culture.

  7. Wait, wait, wait… while waiting, and begin to buy items for your Childs room, think about names, and get a photo album and scrapbook. 

  8. In about 3-6 months, you will receive & accept a child referral and learn what you child looks like. 

  9. At this time you will be asked to submit part of all of the international fees, which vary greatly.

  10. Receive a travel date.

  11. Obtain a travel visa and prepare to travel.

  12. Travel to meet, adopt, and return with your child.

  13. Re-adopt in the U.S. (even if it is not required, it is best practice).

  14. Schedule Post-adoption home visits with Adopt-Florida Home Studies. 


    The steps to a domestic (U.S.) adoption are quite abbreviated and the cost is substantially less, but domestic adoption has its unique aspects.  Speak with your Adoption Agency what is best for you.